Frequently Asked Questions & map issues

LAST UPDATE: Dec 25, 2021

Missing blocks

If you are walking around your purchased build and you see missing blocks where there should be blocks, its most likely because of the version that the world has been downloaded onto.
Please create a ticket, describe your problem and, send proof of purchase so that you can be provided with the correct world download for your version.

Invisible blocks

If you see an invisable block, usually found because there should be a block where there isnt, or you can see the outline of it but you cannot see the block, then you can fix this by placing a block next to it.
That should make it appear, if not then use the middle mouse button in creative mode to select the block, then break and replace it.

Dead plants

If there are lots of flowers, carpets and such, that are on your build, unless you have set the tickspeed to 0 using

/gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 then they could get destroyed when you join the world.
If you are on a server you can do this via console, if you are on a single player world then you will have to do it before you load the world, or with the use of mods.


Copy paste not working because plants and stuff keep dying/dropping (copypaste)
If you are trying to copy and paste something and the flowers (for example) keep dying or dropping, you can fix this by simply: //perf and turn everything off. Then /paper fixlight to fix the lightning.

Singleplayer schematic

If you need help loading a schematic in singleplayer:
Watch this video and load schematic with WorldEdit in your singleplayer world.

Defining spawn

You can define spawn using WorldEdit or other plugins such as EssentialsSpawn, although WorldEdit + WorldGuard does an amazing job.
You can do this by using a wooden axe and selecting two opposite corners of your build, this will select a box around your build.
Then you can do /rg create spawn followed by /rg flags to customise your region (people will automatically not be able to build here)
If players have a large spawn radius or spawn isnt in the area you want it to, you can use /gamerule spawnradius 0 and Essentials has `/setspawn` to set the block you are stood on to the block players will spawn at.

Server crashing because of schematic

If you are still using WorldEdit to load schematics then you should consider switching to FAWE (Fast Async WorldEdit)
It is a faster, less power intensive way to load schematics.
You can downlaod the plugins latest file here and watch this tutorial on how to use it its the same as WorldEdit... just better :}


If you are having problems with your build such as missing blocks, dead plants and invisable blocks, its probably because you are using the latest version of minecraft and the build was made in an earlier version.
Please create a ticket, show proof of purchase and describe your problem so we can provide you with the latest version.

For all our products - we provide version 1.8 in the default.

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