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How to load and save schematic

Updated: Jan 20

Load and save schematic image

Ultimate Guide on Loading and Saving Schematics in Minecraft: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Effortlessly Load Your Minecraft Schematics: A Beginner's Guide

Loading schematic: Using Server Files

  1. Seamlessly Add Schematics: Place your schematic file into the plugins/WorldEdit/schematics folder on your server.

  2. Initiate Schematic Loading: Execute the command //schem load “File name” on your server to load your schematic.

  3. Bring Your Schematic to Life: Enter //paste in the chat to paste your schematic in-game.

Bonus Tip: Use the //schem list command to view all schematics available in your folder.

Loading schematic: Using a Website

  1. Web-based Schematic handling: If using FastAsyncWorldEdit visit this website.

  2. Easy upload and command generation: Upload there your .schem or .schematic file and wait for the platform to generate a custom command.

  3. Activate your schematic: Enter the generated command in your server chat.

  4. Finalize with a paste Command: Use //paste to load your schematic in the game.

General tips for both methods

  • Correcting mistakes: If you paste your schematic in the wrong location, simply use //undo and try again.

  • Optimal pasting altitude: Most of our schematics are best pasted at Y0 to prevent cut due to height limits.

  • Handling large schematics: Use the //fast command before pasting to prevent server crashes with large schematics. Remember, this disables the undo functionality - make a backup first!

  • Use command //paste -a to paste your shcematic without air. With that command, you won't break any blocks in your world!

Remember, with these easy steps, loading and saving your Minecraft schematics can be a breeze. Perfect your Minecraft world with precision and ease today!

Downloading World Edit

Before diving into the world of schematics, ensure you have the WorldEdit plugin installed. Let's break down your options:

  1. Choose Your WorldEdit Version: Decide between the standard WorldEdit or FastAsyncWorldEdit (FAWE). For enhanced performance and additional features, we recommend FAWE. It's optimized for server stability and offers an advanced command set.

  2. Simple Installation Process:

    • Download selected WorldEdit

    • Install it to your plugins folder

    • Restart the server to get WorldEdit working

Saving your Minecraft creations: Quick and easy schematic guide

First method: Using server files

  1. Area selection: Choose the area to save using //pos1 and //pos2 commands or a wooden axe.

  2. Copy to clipboard: Use the //copy command to capture your build.

  3. Save your work: Execute //schem save “File name” to save your schematic.

  4. Access your schematic: Retrieve the file from the plugins/WorldEdit/schematics folder.

Second method: Via Website

  1. Select and copy: Just like in the first method, select and copy the desired area.

  2. Instant download: Use the //download command and clikc the link to save your schematic directly.

Image showing //pos1 and //pos2 commands in Minecraft WolrdEdit
Selecting a build with commands

Important notes:

  • Selecting your area: Use two points to form a cube around your entire build. This can be done with the axe or //pos1 and //pos2 commands.

  • Pasting location: Remember, the place where you copy your build is where it will appear when pasted.

This comprehensive guide ensures that downloading and using WorldEdit, along with saving schematics in Minecraft, is straightforward and efficient. Elevate your Minecraft server today with these essential tools!


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